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How to connect to SANET
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How to connect to SANET

SANET as an association of users of the Slovak academic network provides services only to its members. The member may become anybody (either a person or an organisation) who agrees with the rules of the SANET association and pays the annual membership 1000,- Sk. Those who want to apply for a membership must fill in the application and send it to a secretariat of SANET. The applications are considered by the Board of Directors of SANET and it can also be rejected in certain special cases.

An information box and assigned registration number will be sent to each new member.

After paying the membership, the new member has right to be provided with the services and thatīs why he can ask the nearest administrator for connecting. The list of administrators of each node of SANET is presented here together with their contact addresses.

The administrator of the node prepares the contract for the person interested in connecting. After it is signed by the person interested in connecting, the contract is sent to Bratislava to be signed by the statutatory deputy of SANET.

After signing the contract by the person interested in connecting, the administrator of the node makes an account to an access server and creates a mailbox. Besides all this, he provides the person interested in connecting with basic consultations about connection.

In present, SANET provides the following services:
  • UUCP connecton
  • DIAL - IP (SLIP/CSLIP or PPP) interconnection through a switched line
  • - interconnection by fixed line
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