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Organizational Structure
--- SANET Acceptable Use Policy

Approved by SANET Executive Committee, March 31-th 2001

Version: 1.1
Date: April 2001
Editor: T. Weis
Further copies of this document may
be obtained from the SANET office at
Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava, Slovakia
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1. Introduction

This document (AUP) describes the rules of using SANET network for SANET members.

2. Definitions
2.1 SANET (Slovak Academic Network Association) is non-profit organization supported by Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and their members through regular yearly membership. Organizational structure consist from SANET General Assembly, SANET Executive Committee, SANET Technical Committee and Board of SANET Administrators.
2.2 SANET member is any organization, company or individuals who agreed with SANET statute and paid membership fee.
2.3 SANET network is a network which provide with Internet infrastructure in Slovak Republic to SANET members. 2.4 S
2.4 2.4 SANET community is a community of SANET network users.

3. Purpose of SANET network
3.1 The purpose of SANET network is to provide with both Internet connectivity and Internet services to their members.
3.2 Through the SANET network, the pan-European gigabit research and education network GEANT, other NRENs all over the world as well as other Internet networks can be accessed.

4. Acceptable Use
4.1 SANET members may use SANET network for the purpose of internetworking with other SANET members and for connectivity to Internet.
4.2 SANET network may be used for any legal activity that is in compliance with SANET statute.

5. Unacceptable Use
5.1 SANET members can not use SANET network for activities which are in contradiction with Slovak law especially:
  • Hurting the personal rights and disturbing of anybody else.
  • The creation and transmission of any illegal material.
  • The transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material.
  • Deliberate unauthorized access to facilities or services accessible via SANET.
  • Activities which violating the privacy of other user, corrupting or destroying other user's data, conclude to network congestion, servers overloading and unreachability of services provided by SANET members.

6. Passing on and Resale of SANET services
6.1 It is not permitted to provide access to SANET network for non-members of SANET.
6.2 It is not permitted to resale SANET services to third parties without the prior written agreement.

7. Sanctions
7.1 Conscious violation of the AUP regulations shall be sanctioned by temporary or final disconnection of related user(s) from SANET network. In case of unconscious violation, the related users is to be warned and informed about AUP rules and regulations through local SANET administrator.
7.2 If necessary SANET Executive Committee initiates legal actions.

8. Suggestions and recommendation
8.1 It is recommended that each SANET member connected to SANET network is preparing their own AUPs. The local AUPs may contain parts of this AUP. The local AUP might also contain:
  • Name of persons being responsible for the specific task belonging to the AUP issue
  • The way of controlling how the rules are taken into consideration.
  • Description of procedures and sanctions resulting from violating the AUP rules.
  • Actions to be taken in case of major operational problems of network and dangerous situations.
  • Rights and duties of users.
  • URL address where local AUP will be published.
SANET, Vazovova 5, 811 07 Bratislava, Slovakia, tel/fax: +421-2-52498094,