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--- About the SANET2 project

The aim of the SANET2 project is to build up a gigabit network for the Slovak academic and research community with the connection to a transeuropean gigabit network and gloval Internet.

The SANET2 network will give possibility to use high-speed data network in the area of science, research and education, enable access to information sources in the European Union and the Slovak Republic and support the new services such as computer conferencing, distant education, medical consulting centers etc. In the terms of SANET2 project, metropolitan data networks will be built up in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice, Žilina, Nitra, Trenčín, Trnava and Prešov.

The SANET2 network will be closed network what means that it will be used only by participants who will fulfil set out principles of using the network. In accordance with the situation in Europe, the project has ambitions to connect gradually also work stations out of the competence of educational system primarily libraries under the Ministry of Culture, research work stations of other competence, important hospitals, work stations monitoring environment and other institutions which will adhere the principles of using the network.

The coordinator and solutionist of the SANET2 project is the association of the users of the Slovak academic network SANET to which the Government of the Slovak Republic by its resolution N° 383/2001 assigned to create high-speed communication infrastructure SANET II with the connect with European communication network and provide connection of university centers to this infrastructure.

In June 2001, the Minister of Education, RNDr. Milan Ftacnik, nominated the coordinating committee which is responsible for the run of the SANET2 project.
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