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--- Services

The association of the users of the Slovak academic network SANET provides only the members of the association with its services.

From this reason, everyone who is interested in the services of the SANET must become a member of the association. Charges for the services can be payed-off by the individual member of SANET on the basis of the made corresponding contract or by the competent ministry as a single payment (subsidy) for the certain calendar year.

In present, SANET provides
  1. Access to the SANET network
  2. Access to the European academic gigabit network GEANT
  3. Access to the global Internet
It is through:
  • optical cable with speed from 1Gb/s to 100Gb/s
  • microwave connection
The concrete way of connection as well as the range of services must be consulted with the administrator of the node with which the person interested in connection wants to connect. The list of individual nodes and their administrators can be found here.

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